The 3rd Age of Omerün

Session 8 - 09/12/17
The Return to Mirth

As remembered by Cory

Players present:
Chuck: Brae
Cory: Ven Dyagur’am
Garth: Mark V
Josh: Frosch Zauberer
Mike: Hjaldir


  • The party has spent the week in Northshire helping out around the town
  • Ven progressed with surprising proficiency in his training in the First Mirror, to the delight of Nylus, and is gifted a Mirror Pendant
  • Brae and Hjaldir spent time healing, during which time Hjaldir found a willing human mount for adventuring purposes, as well as converting several others to their religion.
  • Frosch spent a majority of the week at the temple district, learning about Xymeus
  • Mark V did a thing, too! i just forgot what. Sorry, Garth.
  • The party decides to take a southeasterly route through the mountains to avoid further confrontations with rock worms and basilisks, coming upon a cave along the way in which an automoton is found mining gems, along with several different sizes of humanoid footprints. The party succeeds in mining a few gems for themselves, and gets out in order to avoid conflict.
  • The party makes it through the mountains to a clearing in which they see large birds descending upon them. The birds turn out to be Rocs, with mechanical or cybernetic implants in their eyes and heads. The party attempts to avoid being taken, unsuccessfully. The party is dropped in the Roc’s nest, which is built into the side of a mountain and has a door into the mountain.
  • Frosch is able to get the door open and the party descends a ladder 250ft into a hallway that leads to a foundry. Many different sized automatons similar to the one seen mining are in the foundry smithing. Huge Golem sized automatons act as security measures and react to parts on conveyor belts being touched.
  • the party jumps on the conveyor belt, careful to not touch any parts and follows it through the factory. The automatons in the different rooms all seem to be assembling clockwork humanoids, animals, and vehicles.
  • There is a room with many blueprints (including one for the Roc headpiece) and 7 small clocks on the wall under a large clock
    Large Clock reads, date and time, 6184-2-1-9-03
    3 of the 7 clocks are lit
    - 1st clock unlit, symbol of bowl spilling water
    - 2nd clock unlit, symbol of small tree blooming
    - 3rd clock lit, symbol of Mountain, hour reading 1
    - 4th clock lit, symbol of cup with fluid spilling over lip, hour reading 3
    - 5th clock unlit, symbol of lips breathing, wind curling out of mouth
    - 6th clock unlit, symbol of 3 candles
    - 7th clock lit, symbol of antlers, hour reading 2
  • Brae attempts to communicate with an automaton, which elicits a hearty laugh from the foreman of the foundry. He makes himself seen and known to be Xymeus, god of the Mountain.
    The team talks to Xymeus and convinces him that they should be allowed to leave with their lives, but not before he explains the meaning behind the clocks, that Amos is his brother, and that Mael is in fact Amos’ daughter and that the reason she looked so upset at Amos’ letter is that she wasn’t thrilled to be hearing from her father.
    Xymeus of Wren explains that the clocks correspond to the existence of the Gods of Wren, and activate as they awaken. However, they are not going in order. The existence of the gods corresponds to the faith of the people of Wren. Idar, the goddess of water should have been first to awaken.
    Omunhall is where gods met to discuss things greater than man.
    62 years ago, something called “The Wipe” made all the god clocks go dim. Man and mankind created a situation of non-belief. a failsafe was built prior to the wipe that has not functioned properly, resulting in the out-of-order awakening of the gods. Xymeus has only been active for a few weeks.
    The party offers to relay a message for Xymeus to Amos stating that the First and Second clocks have not yet turned on.
  • Mark V asks for an upgrade from Xymeus, who says “only if i can take you apart and put you back together.” the group sticks around for a few days until this is complete. during this time, Ven inquires about ways to prevent people from using robots for evil. Xymeus, who does not deal in thinking robots, has no advice to give. Mark V receives his upgrade as well as a restored memory prior to the events at the World Memory Facility.
    Brae inquires about an upgrade as well, though she warns his that she is half organic. Xymeus offers to, and proceeds to disassemble and reassemble her organic half. She also regains memory with her upgrade.
    *The team is sent by Xymeus via [pneumatic] tube back to Mirth.

End of Session

Session 7 - 8/31/17
What the Hand Holds

Players Present:
Sylus Dhred
Abigail & Abner Sirius


  • Sylus, João, and Abby travel through the valconoe pass, searching a large expanse of canyons for a hot spring that resembles a hand.
  • With time, the party finds the spring.
  • Sylus climbs down the side of the canyon. João finds a chain bolted to the wall of the canyon that has been rusted and broken. He climbs down the chain and his party members help him the rest of the way. Later he realizes how easy it was for him to reach the bottom of the canyon. Abby flies down.
  • Sylus checks the water’s temperature and takes damage.
  • Over time, our adventurers realize that the amount and pigment of light produced by the water are indicative of the water’s temperature.
  • Sylus throws the sojourner skull into the water…nothing.
  • The party is able to find moments of opportunity (when the water temp drops) to examine the hot spring.
  • They find the following…
    1) Five magical/mechanical cloaks comprised of obsidian and bone.
    2) A set of two runic circles at the center of the spring’s floor.
    3) A skeleton sitting at the center of the runic circles (it’s head is the sojourner skull that Sylus had thrown into the lake). The skeleton wears a chain around it’s neck.
  • After fixing/jumping the clocks, each clock begins to light up and rotate slowly before all of the water drains from the spring through drains that line the ground.
  • When the water drains, the party notices the following…
    1) The clocks have all stopped on a specific series of numbers (6122_2_1_9_03).
    2) The skeleton that had once been sitting is now standing above an obsidian glass plate set into the center of the runic circles.
  • Sylus speaks the name “Ridley Wright”… The skeleton touches him on the shoulder, steps backwards, and touches the obsidian plate that immediately turns to dust, revealing a book that the party had previously noticed.
  • Upon examination, Sylus notices that the pages of the book are blank; however, just after opening the book, a story (that feels strangely familiar) is conjured in his mind.
  • As Sylus recites the story (see The Gift of the Sicrum) aloud, two things happen…
  • First, the words appear on the blank pages of the book.
  • Second, large sectioned panels on the ground beneath them drop as the story progresses, slowly revealing a large spiral staircase.
  • The group descends to the bottom of the steps where they find a door.
  • The door is covered in archaic etchings similar to those seen on the bed of the spring. More recently words have been chiseled into the surface of the door. The words read as follows…

We need not breath, nor blood to keep
We take no rest while others sleep
And though with time we age and change
While others die, our kind remains

End Session.
(Remainder of quest to be managed via chat)

Session 6 - 8/24/17
A Summons to the Jhesori Outpost

Players Present:
Sylus Dhred
Abigail & Abner Sirius


  • Sylus is summoned to the Jhesori outpost to the east on the continent of Wren.
  • He meets with a man by the name of Intep Tafiri, whose rank/title is “The first tide to Wren.”
  • Intep informs Sylus that he’s been summoned to the outpost at the request of a visitor who has recently arrived at the outpost. The two exchange conversation, answering each other’s questions.
  • Sylus is brought to a tent where he meets João and Abigail & Abner Sirius. João knows about Sylus’s Sojourner’s Skull and is requesting that he join the two on a journey to the border of the region of Kira. João reports that he can decipher the map on the inside of the skull, and that there is a particular item of interest in it for Sylus should he help.
  • Sylus is reluctant to join these two strangers until João mentions the name “Ridley Wright.” Sylus seems immediately convinced.
  • The group visits Intep to stock up on potions, rations, and a map before embarking. Abby walks around a tent and João apologizes for her strange behavior.
  • As the party hits the road, Abby explains to Sylus that she has come to Wren in search for her friend, Mark V. She explains the events that occurred before Mark had gone missing…informing him that she’d been on the continent of Ankh-Sokari to set up a meeting between Mark V and Brae. The meeting had been raided by a squad of Legion Killbots, at which point Mark V sacrificed himself to save Brae. That night, Brae and Abby held a private funeral for Mark V. During this ceremony, Mark V, whose parts had been damaged beyond repair, woke from the dead. The next morning both Mark and Brae were missing. Abby set out for Wren the moment Mark V’s locator indicated his location (ie. when he set foot on Wren for the first time).
  • After days of travel, the party is attacked by a small pack of dire wolves.
  • The party kills the wolves.
  • Abby transforms from a boy to a girl.
  • With no time for explanation, a man in a mask walks past the adventurers, touching each wolf on the head. The wolves rise, one by one, their eyes entirely white. The stranger never speaks, but does appear to pause and nod in response to particular questions.
  • The wolves, no longer hostile, wait patiently for the stranger to join where they’ve gathered. The masked man lowers to his knees and holds out his arms.
  • The wolves eat the man alive, still he makes no sound.
  • When all that is left of him is bones, the wolves assemble these remains to form the shape of the mask with antlers that he had previously worn. Sylus remembers this image being engraved above one of the doors in Omünhall.
  • Each wolf approaches a party member, offering themselves as mounts for the time.
  • The part rides the rest of the way to the border of Kira. While the party members take several long rests on the backs of the wolves, the pack does not seem to tire. The wolves drop them off at the passage between two volcanoes.
Session 5 - 08/09/2017
Beyond the Rubble

As remembered by Cory

Players Present:

Garth – Mark V
Josh – Frosch Zauberer
Chuck – Brae
Cory – Ven Dyagur’am
Mike – Hjaldir


  • Hjaldir makes themself known to the rest of the party, and gets all up on Frosch.
  • the party continues through the mountain after defeating the basilisk and mountain men, and deftly avoids setting off a tripwire along the way
  • the sound of the horses being led through the caverns seem to attract two more basilisk which make the one previously encountered appear adolescent. the party notices that these two basilisk have empty saddles on their back. the party is able to distract them and avoid altercation.
  • the party finds themselves in an oddly textured tunnel carved into the rock and continue before noticing a slight tremor to the terrain, which increases until a Rock Worm appears and chases them down.
  • Brae is able to wedge an unbreakable staff into the maw of the Rock Worm, rendering it unable to chew and very uncomfortable, but not before Mark V valiantly sacrifices one of the horses to slow the rock worm down.
  • the party continues until the tunnel tapers to a diameter that the Rock Worm would not fit through, travels several miles, takes a long rest, and travels several more miles until daylight is seen at the end of the tunnel.
  • after more riding without altercation, the party arrives in Northshire, a self sufficient and quaint smaller town.
  • upon arriving in town the party heads straight for an Inn, where they inquire with the inkeep Quentin about a man named “Fenton”. They are promptly told that Fenton is, in fact, a well liked 14 year old boy who showed up in town around six years prior, who does odd jobs around town, trying to help where he can, and that he’s so personable that he’s the only one in town anyone can say has ever spent any time with Nylus.
  • they further inquire about Nylus, and are told that Nylus is the primary benefactor of Northshire and, much like the rest of the town, would be found at the wedding celebration in the Ampitheater in Northshire’s Temple District.
  • Hjaldir Makes a joke publicly (but still telepathically? i think?), almost giving away theirself, but Quentin dismisses it as his own internal monologue and proceeds to take credit for the joke out loud.
  • Quentin tasks the party with transporting alcohol to the wedding of Katrine Borden and Philip Whitestone. The color of House Whitestone is, obviously, blue.
  • Ven asks Fenton, in his usher’s uniform along side two other ushers, where he could locate a man named Nylus, to which he was told “Good luck finding him!” Ven is informed that Nylus does not want to be found, but Fenton (whose neck will be had by Nylus for telling them) agrees to give a hint if Ven wins at a shell game.
  • Fenton is terrible at the shell game.
  • Ven makes a show of “not” knowing which cup the ball is under, but “guesses” correctly by “chance”.
  • Fenton is pleased.
  • Fenton’s hint: This party would not be happening if not for Nylus.
  • Brae convinces Fenton to give them one more hint through means of a display of a magic trick.
  • Fenton is pleased.
  • Fenton gives the final hint: Nylus will be the last one to leave, but he likely won’t help you if you wait till the end of the night to find him, so you’d better get a move on.
  • The party interviews several people at the celebration about how the bride and groom met, how Nylus came to town, whether anyone has seen Nylus, and discovers that Nylus has paid for the wedding celebration and is apparently fond of the bride and groom and invested in their relationship.
  • The party discovers that Nylus has been the town’s benefactor for roughly five or six years.
  • The party discovers that Philip and Katrine met when Philip became very sick and Katrine was his nurse. They don’t know Nylus well but received a letter stating that their wedding festivities would be paid for by Nylus.
  • Mark V plays Cocktail. ::Fingerguns::
  • Brae plays the drunk girl at the party, trying to chat people up on the dance floor.
  • Frosch AKA Franklin, in his human guise, “drunkenly” accosts the bride’s parents about admitting the bride must have been adopted.
  • The father of the bride is displeased.
  • Fenton is displeased.
  • Fenton escorts Franklin away from the bride’s parents.
  • Ven chats up the Officiant of the wedding, who gives more insight about who was around when the bride and groom met. Doctor Strauss was the overseeing doctor.
  • Brae Chats up Katrine and Philip about any weird friends or acquaintances they might have, and they’re introduced to Rysa.
  • Ven is introduced to Rysa by Brae. Ven chats her up for a bit, finds out she was a fellow nurse there when Philip and Katrine met, and drops some pretty strong hintage about the Way of the Five Mirrors, but Rysa doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about or even be phased.
  • Ven goes and talks to Dr. Strauss about how he met the bride and groom. He knew the bride as she was one of his nurses, and was Philip’s overseeing doctor. When asked who else was integral to the curing of Philip’s illness, it was brought to light that Fenton had been the one to gather the various materials needed to succeed in the cure.
  • Ven turns and sees Fenton, who proceeds to walk out of the ampitheater. Ven follows.
  • Ven catches up to Fenton and tells Fenton that everyone they’ve talked to is ever grateful for the grand celebration that Fenton has funded. Ven asks Fenton to instruct him in the Way of the First Mirror.
  • Fenton’s form shifts into that of a wizened woman, Nylus, who gestures for Ven to follow.
  • Ven follows.

End of session

Session 4 - 8/1/17
The Rocky Road to Northshire

Player’s Present:
Garth – Mark V
Josh – Frosch Zauberer
Chuck – Brae
Cory – Ven Dyagur’am
Mike – Hjaldir


  • The party heard rumors of another group that had traveled into the Xymean mountains some time ago, but never returned.
  • They head to “The Travelers Print” to find the map maker, Enrich Carter. There they receive an old map of the road to Northshire and some resources in exchange for their aid in updating this map upon return.
  • The group then heads to the militia district where they discover that a search party had found statues in the caverns of the mountain range, and that one of these statues resembled a member from the first excursion. One member of the search party didn’t make it out.
  • The last stop our party makes is to the Antiquity district, where they search for any information on basilisks. They are provided with a book on the Basilisks of Southern Omerün.
  • The travel about 2 days (Brae hears a voice once again) to reach the mountain and enter through a man made entrance at the mountain base.
  • The party encounters a Basilisk and three mountain men, at which point Hjaldir makes their presence known to Brae and joins in the fight. They have been the voice that Brae has been hearing since Mirth.
  • The party manages to end combat swiftly, leaving no survivors.
  • To be continued…
Session 3 - 7/24/17
The Church at the Edge of the Woods

Player’s Present:
Garth – Mark V
Josh – Frosch Zauberer
Roland – Sylus Dhred
Chuck – Brae
Cory – Ven Dyagur’am


  • The party rises from a long rest in the forest they’d retreated to in the previous session.
  • At first glance it appears to be night, however the group slowly realizes that the clouds in the sky are devoid of light (not a natural phenomena by anyone’s understanding).
  • The group heads to a cathedral that stands past the forest’s edge, having noticed this structure after escaping from the World Memory facilities through some kind of portal.
  • As they approach, the party notices that the darkness in the sky is beginning to dissipate above the cathedral.
  • They enter to the sound of some kind of employee singing and working.
  • The party makes themselves known and the man introduces himself as Amos, the bartender of Omünhall (the great hall of the continent, Wren).
  • The party learns the name of the continent they’ve found themselves on, as well as some general information about the culture of Wren.
  • Amos informs them that they are currently in the region of Adros (named after the god of beasts and wild). He explains that each region is named after a god of Wren’s animist pantheon.
  • Amos offers a magical ale to the group (Omün Ale) that adds +2 modifier to a random stat.
  • As thanks for the information and the drinks, the party asks if they can return the hospitality. He asks them to deliver a sealed letter to a blonde woman in Mirth (a city to the north) whose name he can’t remember.
  • After exiting Omünhall, the group is intercepted by six humans, riding very large unique beasts. These people refer to themselves as the Adrosi Riders, protectors of the land of Adros.
  • The group is charged with trespassing on sacred ground. They respond by telling the riders that the hall was unlocked and they were welcomed in by Amos.
  • One of the riders goes in o inspect, but finds no one inside.
  • The group is arrested by the riders and travels to Mirth (except for one rider who travels to the Jhesori outpost) where a trial will be held. During this week of travel, the party makes an effort to befriend the riders.
  • When leaving the region of Adros, the lead rider turns to Brae and says, “Welcome to Amos…”
  • The group is brought to a tavern at the center of the city of Mirth, known as “The Heart of Mirth,” where a trial is held and presided over by Mael Emery, a woman fitting the description Amos had provided the party. The patrons of the bar serve as jurors who ask questions along with Mael.
  • The group ingests a drink that forces them to speak only truth.
  • A patron of the bar (Ven Dyagur’am), who’d been seen speaking with Mael before the trial, assists in hacking Mark V’s deception mainframe for the purposes of the trial.
  • The group presents the letter from Amos to Mael.
  • Mael reads the letter and asks what Amos had said when he’d mentioned her. She’s told by the party that he didn’t remember her name.
  • Brae says something that upsets Mael. Mael slaps her and downs a trial shot before declaring them innocent and retiring angrily to her office.
  • Brae hears a voice in her head say, “That was rude.” sounded like a male voice.
  • The party must pay for the trial beverages and so their services are offered to Ven in exchange for his aiding in the trial.
  • Ven is looking for his next teacher/master. Mael has given him a name (Nilus) and contact (Fenton). Fenton is to be found in Northshire.
  • The party begins their preparations for the journey to Northshire.
Session 2 - 7/2/17
A game is afoot

A continuation of session 1
Recapped by Charrrrrrrles

Players present:
Garth – Mark V
Josh – Frosch Zauberer
Roland – Sylus Dhred
Chuck – Brae

- The party leaves the main acquisition room, and pass through a doorway marked “Employee Entrance: World Memory Museum”
- After walking through an employee locker room, they find themselves in a museum gallery room, face-to-face with two security guards.
- Brae and Mark V, having entered the room first, encounter the guards and do their best to avoid physical confrontation.
- They do not avoid physical confrontation.
- After a round or so, Frosch and Sylus enter and the battle ends, with a decisive victory for our intrepid heroes. They do not kill the guards.
- One has been largely incapacitated by a shard of ice from Frosh. The other, is ready for questioning.
- He doesn’t know much. He tells them that they’re part of one of 17 facilities throughout the world operated by the World Memory Facilities- one on each continent. They are in the Wren facility.
- He does not know the nature of the crisis that the still blaring alarms repeat “Crisis: Wren Facility” “Crisis: Brande Facility” “Crisis: Global”
- He does not believe the party members waking are the reason for the crisis
- He explains, as best he can, that the world memory serves as somewhat of a safe-keeper of the ‘memories’ of the world. (Chuck’s quasi- interpretation: the World Memory Facilities seems to be part custodian, part record keeper, part editor of the historical events of Omerün. Something about the way the guard mentioned that there were multiple memories, lead Brae to ask if the world had ever ended – the guard did not know how to answer.
- The group left the guards in the basement, after dismantling their radios and weapons went to intercept the other members of the museum’s security detail – having been told that Guard Captain Hale may have more answers, and that she was looking for the party members.
- The party returned to the elevator, and on the way to the Field Offices level, stopped in the lab, where they erased their files. Freddy was gone.
- They discovered a note, presumably from Gron, that cheeky fuck, telling them that escape was possible through the employee exit on the Field Offices level.
- The group departs to the field offices.
- The elevator opens to the field offices.
- The field offices are just fucking lousy with guards, led by Guard Captain Hale, and flanked by Freddy, the cowardly worm.
- Mark V charges Hale.
- The other party members leave the elevator and a very long fight begins.
- Mark V, Sylus, and Frosch are all, at different moments, incapacitated. Through the course of battle they are revived, and eventually overtake the security force.
- During the fight the group learns that Sylus is a necromancer, and foes killed by him are reincarnated and fight at his command.
- After the security forces are all eliminated, the group notes that Freddy is gone.
- They exit the the facility through the ‘employee exit door’ and walk out into an open forest.
- They look behind them to the door, and note that it has disappeared inside of a tree – the party deduces that they have been teleported far from the World Memory Facilities and have found safety.
- They see in the distance a great cathedral.
- They chose to first take a long rest.
- The group levels up.

End of session.

Session 1 - 6/27/17
Freddy's Demise

Session 1: Freddy’s Demise
As recounted by Chuck…

Players present:

Special shout out to Pat for all of his help! – Joe

To the best of my recollection, here’s what happened last night. What did I miss at the end, what did I forget, and what did I get wrong? I tried to just include the big details, so a buncha small actions were intentionally left out:
•Brae, a lithe lady cyborg, Frosch, a merman dwarf, Mark V, a big ol’ hulking robot, and Sylus, a water elemental, wake up in a battlefield littered with thousands of dead bodies.
•A loud disembodied voice says something along the lines of ‘you want to mess with me? Welcome to my realm, and try this on for size, ya buncha jerks.’ But he says it eloquently and threateningly.
•A beast appears. It is a giant monster with spikes and scales and teeth that’s half-wolf, half-gorilla, half-dinosaur, half-monstrosity, is really fast, really strong, and is feeling generally inhospitable to our party members. In less than two rounds the monster Just. Kills. Everybody.
•Each member wakes up again, each levitating in their own opaque cylinder. No party remember recalls anything from their past: abilities, names, stories, background, etc. They cannot move. Some scientists (maybe? could be doctors, the party is unsure) who seem to be studying them, take notice of their awakening and say “give them another dose”. The scientists do not appear hostile. Each party member falls back to sleep.
•Each member wakes up in their cylinders again, this time with slightly more presence of mind, but still no grasp on their identities. They recall that they have abilities, but little else. They do not know their names, origins, relationships, etc.
•There are people around the cylinders: a technician, a guard, a woman, and a girl who looks maybe thirteen-years-old.
•Two alarms suddenly blare, on repeat: “Crisis level: global” “Crisis: Wren Facilities”
•The party members float to the ground and find they can move.
•The scientists/people in the room panic and begin to hurry out of the room.
•The girl says to Brae “now’s your chance” with a knowing smile.
•Each party member makes an attempt to escape his or her cylinder and fails.
•The woman looks very frightened. The girl and woman exit down a hallway to an elevator.
•The technician turns out to be a saboteur – he puts the other guard to sleep using a magic wand, and frees each party member from their cylinder at a terminal. Each party member exits their cylinder, except for Mark V, who is tethered to his via a screw in his neck.
•Brae accesses a terminal and discovers the names of each party member. The party members learn their names and the fact that Brae and Mark share a connection to each other; they recall that they sought each other out in their past (details with DM). Sylus and Frosh also share a connection, but cannot recall exactly what it is.
•The saboteur technician’s name is Grod.
•Grod tells the guard in the room that his name is Freddy after wanding him and walking away. The guard’s name tag indicated that his name was not actually Freddy.
•Grod’s a cheeky fuck.
•Sylus takes the sleeping guard’s identification and badge. Smart.
•Grod encourages Mark V to yank the damn tether out of his neck and get out of the cylinder. He does. He’s fine.
•The group wakes up ‘Freddy’. He can’t remember who he is, what he is doing, or why he’s there. He is timid, afraid, and cowardly. A real wuss.
•Grod guides the party into the elevator used by the woman and girl, which has four destinations, from lowest floor to highest: Acquisitions, Lab (party’s floor), Field Offices, and Administration.
•The group descends to acquisitions, leaving Freddy, the sniveling cowardly weasel, in the lab alone to die.
•The group exits the elevator in acquisitions and sees a dead man at a desk, face down, with a large crystal lodged into the back of his head. He was either bludgeoned or it blossomed out of him. It looks dangerous.
•Frosch walks up to the crystal and determines that it would be a bad idea to touch the crystal.
•Frosch touches the crystal.
•Frosch loses roughly half of his health and goes deaf.
•Frosch touches the crystal.
•Frosch loses most of the other half of his health and becomes paralyzed.
•Grod leaves in the elevator without the party’s consent, heading to, presumably, administration.
•Brae, temporarily forgetting how elevators work, thinks Grod abandoned the party to perish alone in the basement, and promises him death.
•The elevator returns, empty, and a third alarm sounds “crisis: Brande Facilities”
•The alarms did not sound within acquisitions – they could be heard from the elevator only.
•The group explores acquisitions and find various items to aid them in their quest.


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