The 3rd Age of Omerün

Session 1 - 6/27/17

Freddy's Demise

Session 1: Freddy’s Demise
As recounted by Chuck…

Players present:

Special shout out to Pat for all of his help! – Joe

To the best of my recollection, here’s what happened last night. What did I miss at the end, what did I forget, and what did I get wrong? I tried to just include the big details, so a buncha small actions were intentionally left out:
•Brae, a lithe lady cyborg, Frosch, a merman dwarf, Mark V, a big ol’ hulking robot, and Sylus, a water elemental, wake up in a battlefield littered with thousands of dead bodies.
•A loud disembodied voice says something along the lines of ‘you want to mess with me? Welcome to my realm, and try this on for size, ya buncha jerks.’ But he says it eloquently and threateningly.
•A beast appears. It is a giant monster with spikes and scales and teeth that’s half-wolf, half-gorilla, half-dinosaur, half-monstrosity, is really fast, really strong, and is feeling generally inhospitable to our party members. In less than two rounds the monster Just. Kills. Everybody.
•Each member wakes up again, each levitating in their own opaque cylinder. No party remember recalls anything from their past: abilities, names, stories, background, etc. They cannot move. Some scientists (maybe? could be doctors, the party is unsure) who seem to be studying them, take notice of their awakening and say “give them another dose”. The scientists do not appear hostile. Each party member falls back to sleep.
•Each member wakes up in their cylinders again, this time with slightly more presence of mind, but still no grasp on their identities. They recall that they have abilities, but little else. They do not know their names, origins, relationships, etc.
•There are people around the cylinders: a technician, a guard, a woman, and a girl who looks maybe thirteen-years-old.
•Two alarms suddenly blare, on repeat: “Crisis level: global” “Crisis: Wren Facilities”
•The party members float to the ground and find they can move.
•The scientists/people in the room panic and begin to hurry out of the room.
•The girl says to Brae “now’s your chance” with a knowing smile.
•Each party member makes an attempt to escape his or her cylinder and fails.
•The woman looks very frightened. The girl and woman exit down a hallway to an elevator.
•The technician turns out to be a saboteur – he puts the other guard to sleep using a magic wand, and frees each party member from their cylinder at a terminal. Each party member exits their cylinder, except for Mark V, who is tethered to his via a screw in his neck.
•Brae accesses a terminal and discovers the names of each party member. The party members learn their names and the fact that Brae and Mark share a connection to each other; they recall that they sought each other out in their past (details with DM). Sylus and Frosh also share a connection, but cannot recall exactly what it is.
•The saboteur technician’s name is Grod.
•Grod tells the guard in the room that his name is Freddy after wanding him and walking away. The guard’s name tag indicated that his name was not actually Freddy.
•Grod’s a cheeky fuck.
•Sylus takes the sleeping guard’s identification and badge. Smart.
•Grod encourages Mark V to yank the damn tether out of his neck and get out of the cylinder. He does. He’s fine.
•The group wakes up ‘Freddy’. He can’t remember who he is, what he is doing, or why he’s there. He is timid, afraid, and cowardly. A real wuss.
•Grod guides the party into the elevator used by the woman and girl, which has four destinations, from lowest floor to highest: Acquisitions, Lab (party’s floor), Field Offices, and Administration.
•The group descends to acquisitions, leaving Freddy, the sniveling cowardly weasel, in the lab alone to die.
•The group exits the elevator in acquisitions and sees a dead man at a desk, face down, with a large crystal lodged into the back of his head. He was either bludgeoned or it blossomed out of him. It looks dangerous.
•Frosch walks up to the crystal and determines that it would be a bad idea to touch the crystal.
•Frosch touches the crystal.
•Frosch loses roughly half of his health and goes deaf.
•Frosch touches the crystal.
•Frosch loses most of the other half of his health and becomes paralyzed.
•Grod leaves in the elevator without the party’s consent, heading to, presumably, administration.
•Brae, temporarily forgetting how elevators work, thinks Grod abandoned the party to perish alone in the basement, and promises him death.
•The elevator returns, empty, and a third alarm sounds “crisis: Brande Facilities”
•The alarms did not sound within acquisitions – they could be heard from the elevator only.
•The group explores acquisitions and find various items to aid them in their quest.


###System boot initialized###
###Begin system check###
==Memory load failure: Mission log file wiped
—Assumption: mission completed, memory corrupted, returned to defaults
—Task added:
—Overlord connection severed. Command override enabled: assume control of nearby units and reconnect with nearest force
—Attempt recovery of memory: 99.9% failure. 1 file(s) returned: “ApocalypticBattle.log” – 0 bytes
—Task added: memory.recover(‘battle?’)
—Task added: memory.verify()
==Personality_Identity module found
—Subroutine2 loaded: Protection_v2
—Subroutine1 loaded: Adventure_v1
—Task added:
—Task added:
—Task added:,shield,weapon)
—Interface with memory module failed
==Hardware scan initialized
—Servos engaged
—Critical Damage flag set to 1
—All damage subroutines returning zero damage
—Critical damage flag reset to 0
—Task added: memory.recover(‘previous_damage?’)
—Environmental resistance encountered: conserve energy
—Foreign connections detected
—Task added: foreign_objects.remove()
—Incinerator functioning: 5%, permanent damage sustained, power saving mode
—Stealth module functioning: 50%
—Upgrades uninstalled: arcane_plating, recon_suite, hidden_weaponry, personality_matrix, compassion_attenuator
—Task added:
—Task added:, laser, drone)
###System check complete###
==Sum Killing_Reasons.xlsx
—Killing_Level = 1
—Engage diplomacy module: 20% functional
==Log priorities for debrief: Survive. Befriend. Protect. Adventure. Explore. Kill?
###System boot complete###

Session 1 - 6/27/17

Very nice.

Session 1 - 6/27/17
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