A lithe lady cyborg.



Height: 5 feet
Weight: 95 lbs.

Depending upon where a person looks, he may determine that Brae is either entirely synthetic, or purely organic. When viewed as a whole, it is clear that Brae is an equal blend of both.

In some places, veins can be seen coursing under gentle organic skin – in others, wires push up against sleek carbon plating. Her long dark hair is highlighted by silver, almost tinsel, streaks. Electric green and purple flecks float in slate grey eyes.

Fully clothed, Brae can pass for human without much trouble.

Brae’s left shoulder and arm, starting just below her neckline, are lined with purple digital markings. They look like traced purple outlines of the lines, circles, boxes and chips built onto a computer’s motherboard.

Her right shoulder is marked as well, though not with purple. Instead, lush, deep emerald veins and bands of neon green flow down the appendage. They look like green tributaries meeting at a river delta. Some look like swirling wisps of smoke. These green markings bend and curve, where the purple ones sharply cut. They are not symmetric.

On either side, the color intensity and quantity of markings increases as they travel closer and closer to her palms, where they all converge.

When either side of colorful markings aren’t glowing (as they do when she’s engaging with spells and magic) they could pass for tattoos. It is difficult to tell if they are above, beneath, burned into, or simply a part of her skin.


Place of Origin
Continent: Ankh-Sokari
Settlement name: Vertical-zone émeraude six.


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